Prenatal Conditioning Program

This program is designed to build core strength, enhance balance and proprioception, and provide your dog with the physical and mental stimulation she needs to stay happy and active as she prepares to bring her puppies into the world. 

Post partum, the physical stress her body has gone through will be addressed, with a focus on the core musculature and endurance.


From the Whelping Box to the Winners Circle

The CFI puppy conditioning program is designed to increase strength, build confidence, and improve balance and coordination through gentle, low impact activities that can easily be worked into an existing puppy socialization program. These exercises are designed to follow the puppies’ natural development over the first eight weeks of their life. We use their natural drive for exploration, play, and food to develop a fun and effective program. Puppies are exposed to a variety of different textures and levels of stability with a flexible progression which is adapted to suit the unique needs of the litter. Breeders are encouraged to use their judgement and breeding experience to adapt timelines and goals as appropriate.

From placing the puppies on a wedge at two weeks, to exploring theequipment as part of their environment at five weeks, to confidently ascending and descending the equipment at eight weeks, puppies are given the opportunity and encouragement necessary to positively influence their mental and physical growth. 

This program is a long term commitment, therefore I can only commit to 2-3 litters per year. For more information about the Breeder Conditioning Program, please email